At Novatone Group, focusing on environmental approach is more than a statement. We are perfectionists in providing environmentally friendly PRINTED MEDIA by spending less amount of carbon footprint!

Driven with passion and the fact that what we do is setting the scene for our successors, we are committed to establishing business practices which are pragmatic, honest, precise, structured and thorough.
It is the reason why we encourage our partners to adopt this congruous method as means of execution. By doing so, we contribute to our mutual progress and boost productivity in a responsible manner.

Novatone Group provides digital marketing solutions for your business promotion, enhancing the brand visibility and online presence.

We have a customized approach to business/brand recognition based on implementing efficient digital strategies and providing the latest tools aimed to help your company navigate the market journey with ease.
Our in-depth analytical insights and knowledge of the emerging trends in digital marketing will boost your business and help achieve important operational goals.
Contact us now and explore your opportunities.

The Group consists of 20+ leading companies in Southeast Europe, with products and services’ portfolio narrowed in the pipeline of Novatone Group 20 years experience in the industry.

Dribbling, passing, connecting and networking is in the core of our DNA. That's how Novatone Group brakes down complicated demands from clients, including the ones without a significant technical experience and industry knowledge.
Our job is to comprehensively analyze your enquiries in product photography, prepress, offset, digital, flexible, promotional printed products and digital marketing, and execute them with our certified partners. Monitoring the entire process of production, quality assurance and logistics is a given as is assurance that the overall project falls within your budget restraints.